Production with purpose

Providing content production and media services to create exceptional content for purpose driven brands all over the UK.

Who we are

2b Media is a London based video production company made up of Ash, the creative and Matt, logical and precise. We combine our expertise gained from over 25 years combined experience in TV, theatre and film, to create diverse and impactful content for our clients.

Why production with purpose?

We’re glad you asked. Purpose can range from anything like planting trees or setting a budget aside to help striving businesses to achieve their goals. If you invest your time or resources into giving, without profiting, that is ‘purpose’. 

We’ve made it our mission to offset the company’s emissions for every project we complete: We do this with Play it Green and Treedom (check them out). We also allocate a percentage of our earnings to create content for community projects in Ealing and Sutton, our respective communities.

We at 2b Media know firsthand that the TV and film industry can be quite wasteful so we carry a little weight on our shoulders when it comes to being responsible for our waste. You’ll find that we use recyclable materials as often as we can on set and any of our locations after filming will be left exactly as we found them.

We want to work with other purpose-driven companies too. We feel that the work we create together leaves us feeling inspired, challenged and, most of all, makes the work fun and purposeful. As the saying goes, “you get what you give”.

If this sounds like you say hello 👋🏻 we love a chat over a brew!

How it all started

Ash studied theatre before transitioning into a career in film and Matt started in TV at a young age of 16. These formative years gave us (Ash and Matt) the we needed but what we were really after was a craft.

Fast forward to 2020: The first lockdown had just ended and the whole country was resurfacing. We dived at the opportunity to catch up and learned that, while our skills and experiences are different, our goals were the same – to have a company that’s not only purpose driven but also creates a nurturing and safe environment for its team and clients.

Where is such a company? It must be created Spoiler:it’s us, we made it!

Then we found ourselves asking a different question. 

“What do we offer to each other?”

“We’re almost complete opposites!”

Well, we have very valuable assets to offer each other, thus complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Ash, the creative, is skilled in transforming a brief into an innovative concept and Matt, being logical and precise, has the technical skills to deliver the results.

Two brains = 2b.

Production With Purpose

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